Sept 6 2013 Moos Swish

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Hello Quilting Friends,

September 6, 2013 is turning into another hot one. I had to laugh this morning when I heard John on WFMB say that we will have a cold front come through this weekend, but no one will feel the difference. What?

This weekend September 13th & 14th the Quilted Cow Emporium is heading west and north to Macomb, Illinois. Prairie Quilters Guild is presenting “A Quilter’s World” Quilt Show featuring Millie Sorrells award winning Quilt Artist, Merchant Mall, Bed Turning, Demonstrations, Quilter’s Boutique and raffle. We will be located in the Merchant Mall area. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Huh you say. But if we are in Macomb how can we be at the shop for the Second Saturday Sampler? “Just Dorrie” is manning the home front while Dee and I travel to the far reaches of MACOMB. There will not be a regular meeting, just come in anytime before noon with your finished block, have “Just Dorrie” ohhh and ahhhh and get block 6. Block 5 is just a repetition of block construction that you already know.

Gertie sighting: Dorrie stopped by Waverly and brought Ms Gertie in for a while on Tuesday and Billy came in later to drag her home. Gertie hates to stay away. Gertie is doing well and is looking forward to getting back to the shop.

That’s about all the moos I have for now. Don’t forget to take precautions for the cold front that will hit this weekend and try to keep your cool.

From Everyone at the Quilted Cow Emporium

Gertie, Cindy, Beverly, Dee, Dorrie and Perky Cow Pattie