July 24, 2013 MOOS SWISH

HELLO! What are you doing looking at your email? It is absolutely gorgeous outside! Go for a walk and stop by the COW to see us!  We just received a notice that we would like to share with everyone. The Autumn Gems Quilt Show is September 28-29 2013 at the Avanti's Dome in Pekin. Bookmark promos are available on the check-out counter.

Don't forget to sign up for the Mystery Bus Shop Hop October 4, 5, & 6. Our last couple of attempts failed. A $50.00 deposite will hold your seat, if it is too hard to come up with the whole $200 by August 19th contact the shop and we will figure somehting out. 29 lucky quilters or I shoud say 28 spots are open, Mary Meyers has already signed up! It is going to be a blast! What a great idea, no one has to worry about anything you just jabber and look at quilitng magazines and have show-n-tell after each stop and take a nap, eat chocolate, shop, etc. The driving, where to eat and where to sleep are already set. What a surprise you will have when you roll into the next quilt shop, because this is a Mystery HOP only the bus driver and our shop Bus Mom knows the destination.

Just a reminder that the Jacksonville Quilt Show is this Friday 7/26 & Saturday 7/27. There will be lots of inspiration and motivation for all. Hope to see you at the show or at the COW..

See you,
The Herd from Quilted Cow Emporium