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                    2016 Row by Row Block

  We have a
Kathy Hughes, Jacksonville IL


    Old Friends BOM

        Honey Bee Lane BOM


* Sunday Best collection by Kim Diehl
* Colorworks Concepts fabric
* New fabric by Kaffe Fasset & Tula
* New BOM's
* Row by Row participating shop
   6/21 - 9/6/2016
* River Country Quilt Show 7/29 & 30

Simple Whatnots Club by Kim Diehl

          Various Kits Available

    Row Along - Quilty Fun BOM
    Starts in July - Sign Up Now


"Spend every day to the end of time frolicking through fabric"

"Just give it a try using the mindset that it will be fun!"

Starting your own business is like herding cats!"

"Once you get the rhythm, everything flows!"

For those who enjoy quilting, sewing and embroidery, turn to the Quilted Cow Emporium today. We supply a large selection of fabrics, kits and accessories to make the most of your next project. Our goal is to help share the tradition of making quality products from the finest materials.

Quilted Cow Emporium offers quilt patterns and sewing classes in Jacksonville, IL. We welcome you to join us on our next adventure in a class dedicated to quilting and sewing. You can view our class schedule under the category “Events”.

We do have various equipment and tools to use, but we like to be old-fashioned as well and work with the hands. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sewing world or are experienced, come on in and have some fun with us while creating a masterpiece.

For additional information about the Quilted Cow Emporium and our quilt patterns and sewing classes in Jacksonville, IL, please feel free to browse the website.
Gertie is making her long time dream of sharing our LOVE of quilting & sewing by opening not just a retail store with fabric, patterns, books and notions, but rather a gathering place for friends to enjoy kinship, sharing of ideas, and expressing their creativity through applying needle and thread to fabric. Since we are brand spanking new and want to become your UDDER place for all of your quilting and sewing needs, tell us what you want from your quilt shop. What techniques do you need to brush up on or do you have experience in teaching quilting or sewing? If you just love Reproduction fabrics, 1930’s, Scrappy quilts, or Batiks we need to hear from you. We have a little taste of all sorts of 100% cotton fabrics. Please complete the suggestion questionnaire. In addition, sign up for our MOOs-letter (remember all things cow)!

We love to have fun. With all the gloom and doom you hear about these days let’s enjoy a haven where we let our fingers walk through bolts of s-MOO-th fabric, releasing all tension and allowing our creative mind to take us away. Boy, this is easier today with Moda Fabrics selling 2 ½ inch strips as Jelly Rolls, 1 ½ inch strips as Honey Buns, 10 inch squares as Layer Cakes and as always 5 inch squares as Charms! Good thing these treats are calorie free.

Some of the services we have now have are hand-embroidery, longarm quilting, basting quilt sandwiches for hand-quilters (no more sore knees from pinning on the floor), beginning sewing and quilting (cutting, piecing, sewing, quilting and binding) and more to come.

*Mondays are Open Sewing - 10am*

July 2016 Classes & Activities
7/2       11-2               Paper Piecing class
7/4                             CLOSED
7/5       11-2               Pillowcase Class
7/6       10                   Row Along BOM
7/7       11-2               Make Up Bag
7/8       1-4                 TQCE 20% Tote Bag
7/9       11-2               Log Cabin Cross
7/11    6:30-9:30       Quilting class
7/12    10-2                Petit Four Quilt class                     
7/13    11-2                Color Wheel - Choosing
ors with confidence
7/14    1-4                  Insulated Lunch Bag
7/15    11-2                Tri-Recs Ruler class
7/16    11-2                Fold-n-stitch wreath
7/18    6:30-9:30       Quilting class
7/19    1-4                  Twister class
7/20    10                    Jersey Gals Guild meeting
7/21    1-4                  Row by Row Applique
7/22    1-4                  Bench Pillow class
7/23    5 - ?                 Live! Saturday Night
7/25    6:30-9:30        Quilting class
7/26    1-4                   Jelly Roll class
7/29    10-5                 River Country Quilt Show
7/30    10-4                 River Country Quilt Show