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January 2012 has started out at a break neck pace. I have to remember to take deep cleansing breaths through my nose and out my mouth several times a day just to keep from having panic attacks. I am trying to work a full time day job that pays the bills, run a Quilt Shop while my partner is taking the winter in Texas, and do the quilting for customers in my spare time. Yikes.  I am only able to vocus on one thing at a time, I used to keep evrything going, multi-tasking myself into the looney bin. I like to think that now I am doing a better job at the one thing I do at a time, but if I am interrupted and do not write down what I was doing, I come back and start on something else. I am looking for an app for my Samsung Tablet that is like a simple to do list. I was born too early for this electronic age thingy and I can barely operate my new smart phone. I lost every call for the first two weeks because I did not know to swipe my finger on the phone icon. I was dragging the phone icon and then trying to hit the "Accept" portion with my other hand. Well the new website is up. Yeah. I just emailed out the January MOOsletter. Now I am still late, but close. There was some confusion on the whole password user name for the new website and the fact that we have to go through Mozilla Firefox to access the administration portion of the site did not help. I had to collate the user list from one program called TRS to obtain the customer email list, export into Excell, sort and make corrections until I had a nice clean readable list to copy, paste and then Import (who knew after pasting to the screen you had to hit the Import button). It took me three times to figure that one out. I have made the checks out for this month's bills and have started looking at February's. Everything looks like we can carry on for another month.  The responsibility gets heavy sometimes. I have wonderful friends, sister and husband to get me by. I also have God in my life or nothing would have much meaning. This is Cow Pattie signing off for now. Hope all is peaceful, for a moment at least, in your world.

Saturday after closing 2/4/12

The day was gloomy, rainy and grey outside, but we had project samples to oooohhhh and ahhhh. Can't wait for you all to see them.  I have problems getting things on the webside. I put an image of the Bird BOM #1 Cardinal on the website.  But there are two pictures.  What's up with that. I guess I will have to build separate pages for each of the twelve birds. Thinking about having Ugly Fabric Challenges every 5th Saturday. I know ugly or should I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some fabrics I can't take in two inch squares let alone by the yard! Our thrid anniversary is coming up in April we need to cellebrate! Just not sure how yet. Any ideas? I am not in the chatty mood today so I am going to sign off for now.  Got lots to do and lots to think about. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Bye for now from Perky Cow Pattie.