About the Quilted Cow Emporium, LLC

Two friends got the same idea, to open their own Quilt Shop back in 2006. It has been a bumpy road with many more downs than ups. Since it did not kill us, the trials made us stronger. No bunch of ol' boys can tell two head strong ladies (bull-headed heifers) that they "can't do something", cause you will be proved WRONG.

The shop has various fabric lines that should have something for everyone. Special offerings of fabric includes: stuff-a-feedbag  with craft quality and various left over fabric from projects, some are not 100% cotton. Bargain Barn specialsflank cuts (quality fabric of various sizes, smallest fat quarter);  rump cuts yardage various lengths must take entire piece; on the hoof  1 yard minimum cut. Regular 100% cotton quilting manufacturer's lines starting at $5.99 on up for the Hoffman and Batiks.

The Accu-Quilt cutting system is on site for accurately cutting kits and making our famous "Cow Pies" (MODA does not have the market on luscious fabric strip treats). After the  One-on-One class on using the Accu-Quilt cutting system, you can rent the system for a small fee per hour to cut your own quilts!

LongHorn Quilting service available to finish your tops into completed quilts. This Brahma Bull sized, computerized Gammill Statler + Optimum quilting machine can handle the big quilts so you don't have to steer wrestle those big'ens on your home machine. You know what they say, "It's not a quilt until it is QUILTED!" Also have the Gammill Premier steer-sized quilting system for hire. Must take four hour instruction class and purchase/rent zipper leaders. Training is $75.00 and hourly rental is $20.00 per hour with a $15.00 charge for 15-minutes of professional assistance if needed. For the hand-quilters, let the LongHorn machine baste your quilts together and save your knees and back. Minimum fee is $45.00 and goes up depending on size. If you prefer to hand baste, come in when we do not have classes or clubs scheduled and use our 8-foot long tables. We also have a wonderful design wall that you can use to decide on your quilt lay-out and as always the advice is free even if you don't want any!

About the Girls

HI -- We have moved the Quilted Cow from 1850 South Main, Jacksonville, IL 62650  to 60 East Central Park Plaza, Jacksonville, IL 62650  -- we are on the Square in Jacksonville across from the Illinois Theater.

Hello! Come in to the shop and learn how to quilt your quilts on my baby Gammill. It takes a little getting used to, moving the head/needle not the fabric. It's kind of like dancing, once you get the rhythm everything flows.

Let's get together and cut out a quilt or two! New things are arriving at the shop almost every day, don't want to miss the excitement or lose out on limited quantities of new items. Like they say in politics, vote early and often! We would like for you to shop early and often to make the Quilted Cow Emporium your UDDER destination!

I LOVE wild designs and colors. Selecting fabrics for quilts is my favorite thing to do.  Well maybe moving the fabric bolts around should be right up there as my favorite thing to do. Fabric makes my heart sing. Being around all this fabric, everyday, makes the work day fly by.

Kiss, kiss!

Ms Daisy (alias for Gertie)

My kids and husband think I should be called Bossy not Daisy!